About me & my Photo Per Day project

Very simply I love taking photos, so much so I made it my job! I’m an equine, wedding and commercial photographer based as of early 2022 in Devon, but I often travel all over the place. I’m distinctly middle aged, but refuse to act it, I have a passion for horses, having ridden all my life, love the outdoors in general, and enjoy food, especially cake far too much!

On this site I will share a photo for every day (but they will likely be uploaded in batches). Originally when I first created the site about 2007 ish years ago I tried to take a picture every day and although I managed to for several months the quality was often lacking through desperation to take a photo every day. 2013 was my first foray at successfully completing the 365 challenge and then 2017 and 2018 followed. In 2020 I did a 52 week equine photo challenge I led involving a number of other equine photographers (not posted on this site) which went a bit awry thanks to Covid. Now back in 2022 for another year documenting my life.

I have no set plan for my daily photos, with British weather, a young daughter and a varying work schedule all best laid plans tend to get changed up! So instead my policy for each day is to either document something important (however small) that happened, or something creative.

I hope you enjoy my photos and if you would like to see more details including about my photographic services which include wedding and equine photography then please visit my main site www.katiemortimore.com